ProImmune Ltd. United Kingdom

Immunology service provider
Organisation type
Dr Chloe Tsai
Immunology sales specialist 
Dr Jim Cook
Immunology sales specialist 

Sareum Ltd United Kingdom

Sareum is a drug discovery and development company, headquartered in Cambridge UK, that produces targeted small molecule therapeutics, focusing on cancer and autoimmune disease. Sareum aims to successfully deliver drug candidates for licensing to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at the pre-clinical or early clinical trials stage.

Sareum operates an outsourced research model, working with collaborators (SRI International, the CRT Pioneer Fund and Hebei Medical University Biomedical Engineering Center) and a world-wide network of research providers. Its research pipeline includes two programmes undergoing pre-clinical IND-enabling studies.

Dr Tim Mitchell
Dr John Reader

Summit Therapeutics plc United Kingdom

We are a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company advancing innovative therapies to significantly advance the current standard of treatment for serious unmet medical needs.

Our strategy focuses on two therapy areas: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal genetic muscle wasting disease, and the infectious disease caused by the bacteria C. difficile.

Dr Richard Pye
Senior Director, Corporate Affairs 
Dr Daniel Elger
Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Chief Commercial Officer 
Dr Kevin Pong
Vice President, Business Development and Licensing 

Sygnature Discovery Ltd United Kingdom

Sygnature Discovery is the UK’s largest independent provider of integrated drug discovery resource and expertise.  Founded in 2004, Sygnature undertakes complete drug discovery programmes and target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  Core capabilities include medicinal and synthetic chemistry, in vitro biology/screening, computational chemistry, DMPK and protein crystallography.  Sygnature has an enviable track record of success in delivering multiple clinical candidates.

Winner of OBN Best Synthetic Biology Company Award.

Drug Discovery
Organisation type
Dr Simon Hirst
Dr Paul Clewlow
Senior Vice President Business Development 

SYNthesis Research United Kingdom

SYNthesis med chem is a chemistry-focussed contract research organisation that carries out custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry and integrated drug discovery projects for biotech & pharma companies and research institutes. In addition to providing chemistry services, SYNthesis also establishes shared risk collaborations with partners, the goal being to identify, develop and partner small molecule drugs.

Mr Simon Bury
Global Head of Business Development 
Prof Andrew Wilks

TranScrip United Kingdom

TranScrip is a trusted partner in providing strategic leadership and operational capacity for over 100 companies globally. Our clients include 20 of the top 50 pharmaceutical and many smaller biopharma companies.

TranScrip supports the development and lifecycle management of biopharmaceutical products. We provide expertise, resourcing and strategic oversight from translational medicine to successful registration and market access.

Dr Flic Gabbay
Senior Partner 
Mr Tim Joslin
Senior Partner 

UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) United Kingdom

Trade Organisation
Organisation type
Dr Alex Whicher
Event Producer