IAG United Kingdom

IA-Group is a strategic partner to bio-pharmacutical companies. We bring extensive therapeutic knowledge and regulatory expertise in strategic use of clinical imaging to enhance understanding of the mode of action, to increase the efficiency of clinical decisions and to accelerate drug development.

IA’s operations team leverage our global footprint and the next-generation cloud based proprietry platform Dynamika to de-risk trial execution and to ensure data quality and integrity. Our venture arm pioneer unique targeted investment and risk-sharing models to enable our clients to reach the next value inflection point faster. We fuse decades of theraputic insight and agile culture to meet today's speed and high standard of therapeutic innovation.

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Dr Diana Roettger
Strategic Bio Partnering Analyst & Head of Scientific and Medical Affairs 

Inivata Ltd United Kingdom

Dr John Beeler
VP Bus Dev 

Intract Pharma United Kingdom

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Mr Bill Lindsay
Prof Abdul Basit

Invicro London LLC United Kingdom

Invicro was founded with a mission of improving the role and function of imaging in translational drug discovery and development.  To this effort we offer a suite of services and software with applications ranging from tissue to human, from target identification to Phase IV trials across the entire electromagnetic spectrum of imaging techniques.

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Mr George Abe
Dr Jack Hoppin